Certificate Course on Advanced Financial Reporting

: 2 Hours
No. of Classes/ Sessions
: 10
Total Hours
: 20 Hours
Last Date of Registration
: 11 March, 2020
Class Starts From
: 12 March, 2020
 : Friday & Saturday
 : Bizz Career Ltd. City Center 90/1(Lift - 26), Motijheel

Advanced Financial Reporting

This course covers advanced financial reporting issues and accounting methods for company accounting. Students will learn how to define different types of inter-entity relationships and prepare consolidated financial statements. By conducting a research project, students will learn how to analyze and evaluate the consolidated financial statements based on the guidelines provided under the relevant Accounting Standards. Topics include preparation of Financial Statements, accounting policies and disclosure issues, accounting for business combinations and associates, consolidation methods, non-controlling interest, complex business operations.



Course Aims and Relationship to Other Courses:

 The primary objectives of the course are to provide students with:

  • Knowledge of and practice in using the theoretical frameworks applied in addressing financial reporting issues.
  • A capacity to critically evaluate controversial issues in external reporting and contribute to debates on usefulness and value relevance of financial reporting.


This course will cover:

  • Preparation of Monthly and Quarterly Accounts for management
  • Preparation of Financial Statements for regulatory purpose
  • Accounting Policies and Disclosures
  • Discuss and solve accounting issues that arise from complex business operations
  • Identify and describe different types of inter-entity relationships based on relevant Accounting Standards
  • Explain the consolidation process and prepare consolidated financial statements
  • Read and analyze consolidated financial statements including accounting policies and other information disclosures
  • Demonstrate the ability to perform complex accounting techniques and methods
  • Conduct practical research in the accounting discipline

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Price: BDT 6,000+VAT
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  • Resource Person

Md. Shafiqul Alam


CEO of Shafiqul Alam & Co.

Md. Shafiqul Alam is an accomplished finance professional with over 14 years’ experiences in different industries in senior position. Presently he is the Principal and CEO of Shafiqul Alam & Co., Chartered Accountants and before that he was Group Chief Financial Officer (GCFO) and Company Secretary of Super Star Group (SSG). His previous executive position was GCFO at Kallol Group of Companies. Before joining Kallol Group, he worked with Shanta Holding Limited as a DGM and Manager-Audit & Assurance at A.Qasem & Co. His Specialist areas are Management, Cost Accounting, and Financial Management. He is also used to taking class in ICMAB, IBA (DU), and some other private universities.

Anyone who works in entry & mid-level position in an organization.
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This will be an instructor-led program delivered through hands-on labs with a real-life example. The audience will taste a new level of experience by attending the Training.